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Power up your knowledge and skills through our basics or advanced analytics trainings and workshops


Analytics Boosters offers fully customized training courses, workshops or side-by-side coaching to meet all your needs. Analytics training is intended to deepen the knowledge of a specific tracking tool such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or A/B testing tools. But our training classes covers also advanced topics such as CRO and Mail Marketing to give you the opportunity to strengthen your skills. The training sessions are based on the following elements:

  • Topics defined according to the needs and the technical background of the attendees
  • Introduction to theory and integration with practical examples and case histories
  • Follow up for the application of the training notions

Why taking an analytics class with us?

Learn how to understand, organize and interpret data. Business intelligence is key to leverage your strategies and grow your business. Our perspective is to provide know-how and resources useful to

  • properly transfer information or requests relating to analytics data
  • measure the performance and the results achieved by the activities performed in the ongoing projects
  • find out new areas of action to suggest or identify further enhancements to increase the outcomes of a specific project.

We are certified professionals with a rich background in different industries, so that you can profit of our experience and hands-on approach.

Customized formulas

Analytics Boosters offers tailor-made and customized opportunities for training. Choose the one that suites you most or that meet your needs:

  • Training courses are organized as frontal class lessons where however the interaction is highly promoted.
  • Workshop are intended to apply the theory learnt during classroom courses.
  • Coaching configures as a side-by-side support to solve specific implementation issues or follow a long-term project development.
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