Google Tag Manager

Take back full control over your tags and scripts via a tag management system

What is Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free powerful tool that makes it super easy to add, update but also test or if necessary remove any JavaScript and HTML tags, used for tracking traffic or conversions and optimize campaigns for your websites and apps.
GTM is a container that holds all your website/app’s tags, whether they be Google, third-party or even custom tags. It is thus possible to manage all your tags in a unique point, completely autonomously, reducing the involvement of your development team and significantly cutting the time to get online.
Not to mention that your site gains better performance if compared with hard-coded scripting: tags executed via GTM are deployed asynchronously, meaning a slow loading tag won’t block other tags from being fired.
Security is an important feature provided. Version history helps to track all the different updates, test them in preview mode and publish or roll back to a previous one. Workspaces allow to grant and select the level of access to multiple teams and let them collaborate efficiently publishing tags at the same time.

How does it work?

The first step is to create and install the GTM container snippet that will hold all the tags of your site or app. Then it is possible to add all the needed tags into the container, since GTM already provides a list of built-in tags’ templates from Google but also third-party tags from a huge number of vendors among which to choose.
Google Tag Manger uses triggers and variables to control how and when the tags are fired. To each tag specific triggers are associated, so that tags can be fired based on particular events, such for example clicks, page views, form submissions and so on. Variables can pick up specific data on the site – for example the transaction amount - and send them to all the different conversion tracking tags. GTM allows to conveniently manage and take control of all your tags thanks to its simple and reliable framework.

What we can do for you?

Don’t miss valuable marketing opportunities because it takes too long to have new tags on your site/app or to update the existing ones!
Level up your marketing efforts shifting to a tag management system and take full advantage of Analytics Boosters’ best practices. We are the perfect high-level skilled partner able to support you in the process of
  • implementing the GTM container
  • deploying tags consistently and
  • assure an accurate data retrieval.
Contact us and discover how we can help you to configure your Google Tag Manager.