Google Analytics 360 Suite

Unlock all the opportunities of Google's premium tracking software

What is Google Analytics 360?

Besides the standard freemium solution, Google released a premium version of its analytics tracking software which is intended for enterprise-level marketers. Google Analytics 360 comes in a complete Suite of integrated products. The Suite provides a bundle of tools that enables to
  • test and personalize the experience delivered to users (Optimize 360), targeting by exploiting the segments already discovered in analytics
  • take advantage of better understating the contribution of each channel -even offline- to the revenue (Attribution 360)
  • unifying all data in a unique view to uncover effective hints and make time-to-market decisions (Audience Center 360)
  • create interactive reports and dashboards (Data Studio 360).
Analytics 360 is moreover natively integrated with all the other Google products such as DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange or Big Query.

How does it work?

In addition to all the integrations Analytics 360 offers, the most important feature is that -if compared to the standard version - it doesn’t apply sessions sampling, that means a high data accuracy and reliability. It moreover provides a SLA with a data freshness of 4 hours or even less, that is to say you can have a kind of real-time consultation of your data set. Google Analytics 360 allows you therefore to gain a real strategic advantage and stay ahead of your competitors.

What can we do for you?

Unlock all the powerful features of Google Analytics 360. Analytics Boosters can help you to take full advantage of the insights the software provides and of all the available integrations.
Learn more about our four steps workflow:
  1. Assessment. A preliminary analysis on the data collection ecosystem is conducted. Specific attention is given to the context of use and the target of users. The focus is to anticipate customized technical solutions, as well as possible areas of enhancements, to meet your business requirements and goals, gathered during the briefing.
  2. Audit. An in-depth analysis on the tracking currently in place is performed. The goal is to define the strategy for a tracking redesign to guide the next stages of the implementation. At the same time opportunities and improvements are pointed out, together with the Key Performance Indicators to be monitored.
  3. Configuration. At this stage the technical solutions are developed in terms of coding and scripting to be implemented.
  4. Support and follow up. Analytics Boosters are here to support you and your developers during the set up to obtain a solid tracking implementation and a correct data retrieval/collection
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