Adobe Experience Cloud consulting

Enhance cross-channel user engagement taking advantage of our analytics advanced skills
and a set of integrated marketing tools from Adobe

What is Adobe Experience Cloud?

Exploit all our technical skills and get hands-on guidance for properly setting up the tools and take advantage of the features of Adobe Experience Cloud, the integrated marketing solution offered by Adobe. The bundle allows to create, test, personalize contents and deliver meaningful experience to users, across the different marketing channels.
Adobe Analytics (previously Omniture Site Catalyst) is the core element, able to infuse the business intelligence to obtain a comprehensive view of your audience, measure your marketing efforts and maximize your goals. With our analytics training, code customizations and strategic support you will be able to
  • Track online as well as offline campaigns
  • Segment and target users in real-time
  • Create personalized contents and ads
  • Test different variations
A better understanding of customer preferences is key to create tailor-made customer journeys that truly address their needs. As the line between the real world and the virtual world continues to blur, brands needs to deliver a seamless experience through all the touchpoints, blending both physical and digital landscape.

How does it work?

Upgrade your marketing strategy with Adobe Experience Cloud and stay ahead of your competitors! The package is comprised of:
  • Adobe Analytics Cloud: a tool that integrates customer data from all touchpoints to provide real-time details about customers or defined high-value target audiences and combines it with predictive analytics.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud: a combination of Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Social, and Adobe Primetime for managing, creating and testing campaigns while guiding customers through a positive brand experience.
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud: a platform for cross-channel advertising that help marketers to create and serve relevant ads, from TV to digital formats, based on data insights
The different tools inside the platform work together to offer a holistic view of the customer and help you to face the challenge of turning data into better user experiences instantly, whatever the source is.

What can we do for you?

Get to better know your customers and deliver personalized and meaningful experiences! Analytics Boosters can help you connecting with your audience, enhancing customer onboarding and retention, fueling your marketing strategy with critical insights and recommendations.
Learn more about our four steps workflow:
  1. Assessment. A preliminary analysis on the data collection ecosystem is conducted. Specific attention is given to the context of use and the target of users. The focus is to anticipate customized technical solutions, as well as possible areas of enhancements, to meet your business requirements and goals, gathered during the briefing.
  2. Audit. An in-depth analysis on the tracking currently in place is performed. The goal is to define the strategy for a tracking redesign to guide the next stages of the implementation. At the same time opportunities and improvements are pointed out, together with the Key Performance Indicators to be monitored.
  3. Configuration. At this stage the technical solutions are developed in terms of coding and scripting to be implemented.
  4. Support and follow up. Analytics Boosters are here to support you and your developers during the set up to obtain a solid tracking implementation and a correct data retrieval/collection
But this is only the first step of the journey. Analytics Boosters can help you to make sense of the data gathered from Adobe Analytics Cloud, combining it with all the other tools, fully harnessing thus its potential. Use all the strengths of Adobe Experience Cloud to your advantage! We can translate your strategy into tactical actions to achieve your goals, in the effort to improve customer interactions. Discover how we can optimize your project!