Test and Target

Target your users and run tests to refine your marketing strategy and dramatically increase your profits

Adobe Target

Adobe Target is intended to ease the process of set up A/B or Multivariate testing, create the variations, collect data and push live the winning version. The tool also allows to create multi-page testing, for example to test a purchase funnel. Adobe Target takes advantage of the integration with Adobe Analytics in order to obtain deeper insights, filter results or select audiences. Exploit our skills and increase the performance of your campaigns!

Google Optimize

Optimize is Google’s solution for A/B and Multivariate testing. A WYSIWYG visual editor helps delivering targeted experiences to customers. Natively integrated with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, to exploit data insights at best and to ease the set up. It comes in two versions, a free version and an enterprise-level paid version (Google Optimize 360). Contact us and optimize your project!


Testing, testing and testing! Optimizing and differentiating the user experiences is the key to obtain continuous improvements in the results of a digital project. Take advantage of our leading optimization practices in defining the test plan, running the experiments and measure the achievements. Learn how is dramatically easy to improve your website with Optimizely: no coding is required greatly to the benefit of time saving and fast decision making.

Visual Website Optimizer

Increase your conversions and sales through iterative A/B testing, split or multivariate testing. If you are facing a website restyling or choosing among different designs of a landing page for your campaign you can easily gather the answers you need to evaluate the performance of each design. VWO allows to analyze users click behaviour and personalized contents to better understand their browsing intent.