Data Visualization

Data has a story to tell: data storytelling is key to convey effectively trends and results at a glance


Turn your analytics data into visual insights! Whatever the data visualization tool you choose, dashboards can be a pivotal point to give an overview of your project’s current status, communicate trends and present effectively results at a glance. Hence dashboards can be customized to meet the needs of Executives, Sales or Marketing people, displaying the metrics they care most and the KPIs they need to keep monitored. Analytics Boosters can suggest the right tool - such as Google Dashboard, Klipfolio, Qlick and many others - project and deliver the templates for different use case scenarios.


Data storytelling can make a profitable use of infographics to represent clearly data through smart eye-catching visuals. Charts, icons, images and design elements easily convey complex information breaking it down in modules, displayed one after the other, to create a graphically appealing logic sequence. Data-rich visualizations infographics can have different purposes: educate and inform, present survey results, simplify complex concepts, make comparison with competitors.

Custom Reports

Reporting might be a boring task, but we can help you creating smart-to-use report templates. Define your goals and we will customize your report accordingly. Using Google Data Studio for example it is even possible to configure dynamic reports connected with Google data sources (e.g. AdWords, Big Query) or external sources, that can be created in collaboration with your colleagues and easily shared. The opportunity to switch between different chart types allow to preview the final visualization and adjust it on the fly.