Data Analysis

Discover all our featured data analysis to be performed: we dig into data to obtain valuable insights

Path Analysis

Are you wondering how users browse your site or engage with your app? If they find what they are looking for or easily perform specific actions? A path analysis is the answer to your needs. It’s intended to examine the users flow, the pages they visited or the screens they visualized, their interactions with elements like buttons or forms. It returns deeper and useful insights on possible bottlenecks that prevent the onboarding of users or the completion of a purchase, thus optimizing the whole navigation flow. Never rely on mere opinions: we look into data, get answers to your questions and take action!

Funnel Analysis

Usually a website or a mobile application or whatever digital interface are designed to ease the interactions of the visitors and lead them towards the performance of specific actions. A funnel is the set of consecutive steps users take in order to reach a goal, such as the checkout process in case of a purchase, the sign up to a newsletter in case of registration or reading a content in case of lead generation. The funnel analysis is thus aimed at measuring and improving that well-defined flow to support users going through the path and reach the conversion. Set up your goals: we are here to help you measuring and improving the whole process!

Revenue Analysis

Budget allocation is key in the planning of each marketing strategy. To make informed decisions an evaluation of the return on your present investment is top priority. Revenue analysis takes into account the performance of your campaigns, both paid or organic, online or offline, as well as the achievement of the desired marketing goals. It reveals the contribution to the global revenue of each marketing channel, the quality of the leads and the effectiveness of the execution. Based on the attribution models, it also considers not only direct but also the assisted conversions, to highlight not only the last click source but also the different touchpoints involved and to which assign credit for the final conversion. Get informed on the performance of your marketing channels!

UX Analysis

Poor or non-responsive design, unclear call to actions, a lack in the navigation flows mapping, too long checkout processes or technical errors result in a bad user experience. So often we stumble upon websites or apps that ask too much effort to users to pursue simple actions or complete a purchase. User Experience Analysis is critical to outline and remove issues. The audit includes a competitive analysis as well as user scenario analysis, where tasks are performed in the users’ perspective. The outcome provides recommendations to be implemented and a set of wireframes for UI redesign. Take advantage of our years of experience in UI design and conversion optimization: streamline your digital products and improve your customer satisfaction and your revenue!

CRO Analysis

Conversion Rate Optimization Analysis is the most extensive data analysis that takes into account multiple issues and appropriate optimizations with a global but pragmatic approach. The copy, as well as aesthetics and designs, the advertising landing pages or the steps of the checkout process, the call to actions, the navigations flow are evaluated and if necessary put into testing. The aim is enhancing the path to conversions to turn your visitors into customers. The final goal is thus increasing your revenue, while exploiting all the potential of your website or app, from the onboarding to retention. All the findings are put into actionable recommendations to be immediately implemented. Contact us and turn leads into sales by strengthening your conversion funnel by now!

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics is key for a great customer relationship, as it can outline what-if scenarios, anticipate customer churn and increase customer loyalty. The Predictive Analysis forecasts what might happen in the future - with the higher level of reliability - extracting information from historical and current data sets, searching for patterns and correlations, trends in customers’ website browsing history or buying behaviours. We have a high level of expertise with statistical methods and the knowledge to build predictive data models, identifying risks and unveiling business opportunities and delivering personalized valuable experiences to customers.