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Our top-level data measurement expertise is at your service to uncover hidden trends and improve your business results

Data Analysis

We love to make sense of your data! If tracking put to test our technical expertise, data analysis is the ground to show our skills in manipulating data to identify trends or hidden patterns and unveil actionable insights. Raw data are processed and filtered to increase their accuracy and avoid duplication and errors, so that they are ready to be investigated. Hypothesis are made for testing to answer questions. Data modeling is applied to identify possible correlations among variables, while inferential statistics describe future scenarios.
Different data analysis can be performed to pursue specific goals and proper response strategies are developed: discover all the opportunities Analytics Boosters offer to deep-dive into your data and obtain useful information for decision-making.Learn More »

Data Visualization

We consider data visualization super-important! You may find awesome evidences emerging from your data sets, but if you can’t find a way to represent them in a simple, graphic and immediate visual their value disappears. Data visualization is key to convey complex issues and to give sense to a huge mass of boring raw data, communicating their trends or pattern at a glance.
Data visualization tools are countless - Google Data Studio, Tableau and Qlik, only to name the most renowned – but the ability to spot the right tool to meet a specific presentation goal is crucial. Don’t lose your time struggling with data: let us help you highlighting your achievements and get started with Analytics Boosters!Learn More »

Proximity Marketing

Measure the impact of your offline and in-store campaigns using proximity marketing and beacons! Proximity marketing helps retailers and brands to engage prospective customers or clients while they are near the business locations, empowering them to send notifications, coupons or promotional videos using specific apps or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies.
Get ready to supercharge your marketing efforts: proximity marketing can combine users’ intent together with physical location to enhance loyalty programs or products recommendation, delivering customized contents and collecting real-time feedbacks. Analytics Boosters can help you to exploit and measure the value of proximity and beacon-enabled campaigns.Learn More »

Internet of Things

Foster your marketing campaigns with the sharper insights coming from an interconnected world! IoT and analytics work together to measure and capture the value coming from real-time data streams of the new connected technologies in sensors-enriched environments.
In-context analytics is able to deliver a competitive advantage via a more accurate understanding of customers’ engagement, along with key business process optimization and operational efficiency improvements. The combination of IoT and analytics can also impact on the customer service, through a new approach in exploring in-store consumer experience and their response to specific stimuli. Push your data-driven decision-making to the next level and grow the revenue of your business!Learn More »
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