Google Data Studio PDF export is now available

October 26, 2018 - Written by

Google released few days ago two updates that were long-time expected and will be surely much appreciated by Data Studio users. The first feature allows to save and share Data Studio report offline, exporting and download it as a PDF. The second feature adds “to date” options to date ranges, so that you can use the daily rollup view. Let’s see the details.

Download Google Data Studio Dashboard as a PDF

Browsers extensions and “annoying” workarounds are now a thing of the past! Starting from middle October you can save a snapshot of your report and download as a PDF the whole dashboard natively inside Google Data Studio.

How to do it? It’ so simple.Download PDF Google Data Studio

Click on the download icon in the upper right menu. Configure the download options in the dialog box, where you can choose to:

  • Download all the pages
  • Download selected pages
  • Rearrange pages in PDF output, dragging them into the order you want
  • Remove the custom background color
  • Add a link back directly to the dashboard
  • Add a password to protect report

And now click download and the PDF will be saved in the Download directory. You can then share the file offline via email, print it or archive it.

Pay attention: if you are downloading complex or multi-page reports you may incur in troubles due to network time-out. In that case try to download single page after single page.

Google data Studio “To Date” feature

More than the download as a PDF, which is the most popular feature, a second useful option has been released inside Google Data Studio report: the “to date” option.

The feature lets you manage to include the present date, in order to set a rolling time period without needing to manually update the date range day after day.

You can now select from:

  • Week to date
  • Month to date
  • Quarter to date

What do you think about the new features? Make sure not to go overboard with the download PDF! 🙂


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