Time Period in GA4 Segments

January 11, 2022 - Written by

Following the rollout of the data driven attribution model a week ago, now Google Analytics 4 has launched a new feature: the time period in the event counting.

Enabling the Time Period in GA4

Implementing the new feature is simple: just go to the “Explore” section, choose the type of analysis to perform and then create a segment as shown in the following screenshot:

In this case I am creating the segment of users who have viewed the starting widget of the bot on the site at least twice in 7 consecutive days.

The activation is completed when you choose the reference event, click on “event_count” and activate the toggle (it turns blue) and then “Apply”.

How to use the Time Period in GA4

As mentioned before, the new feature is so interesting, especially for being able to identify the users who have performed specific actions within the site or app sequentially during a pre-established time frame. It will also allow to cross-reference the data with other events and obtain information that could hardly have been easily retrieved before.

For example, in the ecommerce field, we could create an overlap analysis by relating the segments of users who viewed, clicked add to cart and made at least two purchases in 14 consecutive days.

Once you have identified the set of interest, just right click and select “View Users” to explore the users in the segment.

Furthermore, since we are talking about segments, we can also create increasingly targeted audiences in order to optimize the advertising budget and provide a better service to intercepted users.


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