GA4: Data Driven Attribution Model and Search Console Integration

October 28, 2021 - Written by

In the last two days Google announced two new features regarding Google Analytics 4. The first, which I have been waiting for for some time, is the activation for all GA4 properties of the “Data Driven Attribution Model” while the second is the direct connection to Search Console.

Data Driven Attribution Model in GA4

As I said before, this is one of those innovations that I was waiting for and hoped would be released as soon as possible, but I did expect it to be available strictly for 360 ​​version and instead … free for all! All GA4 properties will be able to take advantage of the data driven attribution model! Another very welcome gift from Google!

DDAM, in a nutshell, unlike other attribution models, distributes credit to each touchpoint based on the impact it had on the generation of a conversion. Through the use of machine learning, the data driven attribution model is a more solid approach defining the iser customer journey and provides a huge amount of information on the management of onboarding and retention campaigns … and therefore on how to improve.

Going into more detail, the data driven attribution model will be available in the Advertising and Exploration sections and in the Conversion report. I expect this model to become one of the default attribution choices of GA4.

Another point is the elimination by Google Analytics 4 of the limits featured in the current GA Universal attribution model. I.e., for example, 3000 interactions and 300 conversions in 30 days are no longer needed.

Certainly GA4 will bring great advantages in the analysis of attribution models also for all those companies that generate lower volumes of conversions and traffic, but that can turn their investments around with the correct analysis.

Let’s think about the triptych data driven attribution + conversion technology + behavioral model. We realize that Google is really pushing on the accelerator of GA4 to make it the best possible data analysis tool for all types of companies!

GA4 Search Console Integration

I must say that as soon as GA4 was released I expected Search Console to be one of the default integrations. Instead the integration with Search Console, like the DDA, is rolling out in recent weeks on all properties.

At the moment waiting fior the full activation, we don’t have an example of this new feature, but I expect that, compared to Universal Analytics, much more data can be imported into GA4 and above all to “mix them” with all the other events on the platform.


As I write to you both features are in rollout so check your accounts and above all the next posts in which we will go into detail of these two very welcome features!

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