GA4: All the news presented at Google Marketing Livestreaming 2021

May 27, 2021 - Written by

As always, Google Marketing Livestreaming reveals many innovations in terms of Advertising, Analytics and Tag Management System.

The first news does not directly concern Google Analytics 4 but Google Tag Manager: triggers dedicated to Google’s consent mode are introduced and are available from today for all GTM accounts. The new tags dedicated to Google consent mode are also in the rollout phase.

But let’s go back to the news related to GA4: let’s start!

GA4: Modeled Behavior

Reporting Through the use of Machine Learning, combined with Google Consent Mode, will reduce the gap when for example users do not accept statistical cookies will be filled. This feature will be available in all accounts in Q3 / Q4 of 2021.

GA4: First Party Data

In this case they were not very explicit but the whole definition of the user journey and privacy-safe-identifiers has been announced: we will know more in the next months.

GA4: Advertising Workspace

Google Analytics 4 will group multiple reports into workspaces and the first is precisely the one dedicated to advertising and will have its own section within the GA4 interface.

Within the advertising workspace, the “Attribution” section-out will consist of :

  • Conversion Path: very similar to the Universal Analytics multichannel funnel, it is distinguished by a new method of assigning credit based on the multitouch attribution model
  • Model Comparison: allows you to evaluate the performance of campaigns by comparing the attribution models available

GA4: Data Driven Attribution Model

The data-driven attribution model will soon be rolled out for all the reports in Google Analytics 4! We will then have the opportunity to use the machine learning provided by Google to evaluate the contribution of each single touchpoint during the conversion steps: directly in the Analytics UI!

GA4: Report Customization

It was something in the air but from today it is available for all Admin users of a Google Analytics 4 property (if you don’t see it, you have to wait for the roll out). In practice, each user can customize the GA4 reporting interface to make it what best suits to the needs of analysis.

  • At the top right of the reports you will find a pen: click on it and a slider panel will open
  • Now you can customize the reports by organization and, soon, also at the level of single user role.
  • Through the “libraries” it will be possible to create report interfaces, named templates, for single user and / or group of users.
  • The templates are full custom, i.e. we can choose the report via drag & drop and choose which we want to include into the navigation menu

GA4 360

This was also in the air for some time but the 360 ​​version of GA4 will be available shortly. We await instructions 🙂

What do you think about the news? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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