Custom Fields for Blended data in Google Data Studio

November 05, 2018 - Written by

Last summer Google Data Studio released a new topic feature: the data blended!

Now we can ask for an halleluja because we can merge data and create some calculated fields starting from the data blended.

How Google Data Studio Calculated Fields works?

First of all we need to blend two datasets, for example Google Search Console and Google Analytics Data.

Using date as primary key, we import in the new dataset metrics like Sessions -from Google Analytics-, clicks and impressions -form Google Search Console-.

Now we can set the new calculated fields: CTR Clicks on Sessions by merging the two metrics as showed in the screenshot.

DataBlendin Custom Fields Google Data Studio

Last but not least, import this new metrics in the blended table

Custom Fields Data Blending google data studio

My 2 cents:

  • With this feature Google Data Studio is going to drive attention to the business intelligence, like Qlick and Tableau
  • I don’t know how the response time could be affected if we launch complex calculated metrics
  • Test, Test and Test the new feature!!

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