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GA4: Behavioral Modeling and Consent Mode

June 03, 2022 - Written by

It is finally rolling out on all Google Analytics 4 accounts: what am I talking about? Behavioral Modeling generated thanks to Google Consent Mode. With the implementation of the new regulation of the DPA many brands experienced a great “loss” of data, especially on the mobile side, due to the […]

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Connecting GA4 and Google Optimize

February 03, 2022 - Written by

Just yesterday afternoon, while I was browsing the Google Analytics 4 Demo account, I noticed the presence of some “special” events and I reported everything via Twitter and LinkedIn. After a few hours, thanks again to a tweet from Charles Farina, I see that my intuition has been confirmed: GA4 […]

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Trigger Groups in Google Tag Manager and Tag Assistant for Conversions

March 28, 2019 - Written by

In the early days of the week Google launched two updates and features: the first deals with Google Tag Manager while the second will help you with your GoogleAds campaigns. Let’s see together what’s new! Trigger Groups in Google Tag Manager From now on Google Tag Manager lets you combine […]

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