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GA4: Behavioral Modeling and Consent Mode

June 03, 2022 - Written by

It is finally rolling out on all Google Analytics 4 accounts: what am I talking about? Behavioral Modeling generated thanks to Google Consent Mode. With the implementation of the new regulation of the DPA many brands experienced a great “loss” of data, especially on the mobile side, due to the […]

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GA4 for Travel: how to enhance your business

May 27, 2022 - Written by

We often talk about Google Analytics 4 or GA4 associated with activities related to eCommerce. Obviously it is possible to decline the flexibility given by this new tool also for the Travel industry. GA4 allows to obtain a greater volume of data and opportunity for analysis if compared with Universal […]

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Bounce Rate and Landing Page in GA4

April 05, 2022 - Written by

Yes, you read that correctly! Inspired by a tweet by Charles Farina which reports the return of the Bounce Rate … at least among the GA4 API. Before you cheer or despair, depending on how much you love the metric or not, you need to understand how it is calculated […]

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